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We’re a Team of Specialist Educational Consultants & Migration Agents helping International Students Study & Migrate To Australia.

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Grow, Accelerate, Excel with KEVS

At KEVS, we intend to provide unique solutions to students’ educational and migration needs. For years, thousands of clients have shown excellent feedback and provided us with constructive criticisms that helped elevate KEVS and its morale. Each year, numerous students of different nationalities avail themselves of our visa and migrational services in Australia. 

Helping students from all nationalities to make the best use of their abilities while taking them closer to career opportunities in Australia is at the top of our priorities. KEVS consists of a dedicated team of professionals with many combined years of experience in education, training, consulting, and migration, believing in quality service and professional delivery. All of our counselors are QEAC certified and act as intermediaries to represent you legally. 

Since we value and caress each relationship built at KEVS, our staff are easily approachable and prepared to go out of their way to help. In short, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that we’re all a family here. Although we’ve come a long way, we still focus on discovering more ways to provide students with accessible information to help them decide better. 


Message From
Founder & CEO

I take this opportunity to welcome all those who have dreamt to study and migrate to Australia. We have established a strong connection with Australian universities and colleges in order to provide students with the right link to their future goals and open new horizons of knowledge and opportunities for the new generation at the pace of globalization.

We are established with the prime and pious objective to help students in their pursuit of higher education in Australia. ‘Authentic and Genuine Counseling’ is the prime value of our service. We take reliability, trustworthiness, and accountability into the highest consideration in the area we work. In order to ensure these ethics and principles, industry experts and professional counselors have been employed for vocational and higher studies counseling considering they are the right source for accurate and reliable information students require in the sphere of their interest.

Further, we have established three onshore offices in Sydney, Adelaide & Tasmania with the aim of facilitating students across the country. We believe that chance always favors the prepared mind which is why we believe in being prepared first and then guiding you toward your dreams. We are committed to assuring you a one-stop solution for test preparations, college and university admissions, documentation, visa lodgment, travel & migration arrangement, tax return, and many others.

We would be more than pleased to pile up the bricks of success in your lives by opening up the unbinding opportunity in Australia while studying when you graduate with prestigious university degrees. In order for you to achieve this, we invite you to make use of our services, whereby we heartily welcome you to the key to success.

Mahesh Timalsina

Founder & CEO