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Posted On : 15 August 2023     |     By : Kangaroo Edu

Career Plan V/S Psychological Aspect For Better Score In IELTS

Ever since we were little kids, we have been taught to fear tests. Remember how our parents and teachers constantly put pressure on us to perform well in school? “Achieve a high SEE score and you’ll be set for life!”, “Your high school grades will determine your path in life” are just some of the common phrases we hear as students. This constant fearmongering has a profound psychological impact on the mind of a young student. Gradually, we start to internalize this fear, and we can no longer separate fear from any tests we face in life. Be it a test for school or something as straightforward as an IELTS exam! As we get older, we have bigger aspirations and strive to be in a better place in life. In this regard, most Nepali youths look forward to starting their lives abroad. However, the majority of us are unsure of our course in life. 

So, what’s the next step?

Instead of conducting research in their area of interest, the majority of students, however, get bogged down in the first step of applying abroad, namely, fixating on their IELTS score. As sad as it is, our education system forced us to focus solely on test results rather than fostering interest and acquiring the necessary skills in a particular field. In fact, most students who visit educational consultancies are unsure of what subject they want to study. They devote most of their time and resources to IELTS preparation—even more so than for their other significant exams!  Why are so many students fixated on doing well on the IELTS test?  The fascination with wanting to perform well on the IELTS is a result of the conditioning we have been subjected to since we were young. The dread of tests! Most students say they are unsure when asked what their study plans are for abroad. They merely aim to achieve a high IELTS score. They express that they will decide what they want to study once they receive their IELTS score. This is unquestionably very alarming, considering the growing number of students who wish to apply abroad. This only serves to highlight how much emphasis students have placed on the test. They have already decided that achieving a higher score in IELTS is a bigger feat than their career goals. As a result, students’ fear of tests has only been exacerbated by placing so much emphasis on IELTS. What most students fail to realize is that they have been preparing their whole lives for this test. Most of us were instructed in English throughout our entire time in school, and we also read books, watch movies, and listen to songs in this language.

IELTS is not your typical test…

It does not assess the knowledge of the test-taker. Rather, it merely seeks to gauge the test-language taker’s proficiency— i.e., your ability to read, write, listen to, and speak in the language, which most of us have done for the better part of our lives!  So, why focus solely on a test that seeks to evaluate your proficiency in a language that you have been familiar with for years? Rather than concentrating on creating a well-thought-out career plan? The psychological impact of test anxiety has caused most students to underperform on this test. If you’ve already spent more than 12 years in school, achieving an acceptable IELTS range shouldn’t be difficult. But because we are afraid, unsure of our own ambitions, and lack motivation, this ultimately prevents us from scoring the desired IELTS score.  How can we achieve an acceptable IELTS score?  A test taker must be in a good psychological state to perform well on any test. Furthermore, devoting more time to researching potential career paths will strengthen our resolve to perform better on the test.  So, let go of your test-related fear! Determine what you want to do with your life while concentrating on your career goals. We wouldn’t advise you to take the IELTS test without adequate preparation, but we also advise against basing your entire student journey abroad solely on one test.  Do not doubt yourself. You’ve got this! Here is a related blog you should definitely read before appearing for your IELTS test: An Interview with an Australian Student Who Has Successfully Completed the IELTS
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