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Community Services and Social Work

Diploma of Community Services

Take the next step in building a solid foundation toward a rewarding career in community welfare with a Diploma in Community Services. This nationally recognized qualification offers you specialist leadership skills to prepare you for roles in casework and management in this in-demand sector. Read More...

Bachelor of Community Services

The desire to serve people – to promote social justice and inclusiveness, and to assist individuals to grow – is the essence of community services. A Bachelor of Community Services prepares you to empower people, marginalized groups, and communities in complex and quick-changing community and health contexts. Read More...

Bachelor of Social Work

Thirsty for that warm feeling you get after helping people? If yes, then social work is the perfect field for you. Social workers are ardent supporters of social justice, equality, and human rights. They work with individuals and communities to promote society’s overall well-being, particularly for the most vulnerable groups.   Read More...

Master of Social Work

Master of Social Work provides in-depth insights into the reasoning behind giving to those in need. Learn great techniques in the human & community service sector and develop the qualities of a profound social worker. The program involves unique approaches to promote change and improve services to bring about changes in the lives of a client. Read More...


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