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Australia ranks among the top 10 countries based on Education System rankings. Study at your choice of institution in Australia via KEF.

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Kangaroos, gorgeous sandy beaches, coral reefs, and wide-open spaces of the outback bush aren’t the only things that Australia is popular for. This island country also boasts one of the best education systems in the world, positioning in the top 10 list of nations based on their Education System rankings.  The education system is divided into 3 areas described briefly as follows:
  • Primary Education: Runs for 7-8 years starting at Kindergarten to Years 6-7
  • Secondary Education: Subdivided into Secondary School which runs for 3-4 years from Years 7-10 or 8-10 and Senior Secondary School which runs for 2 years from Years 11-12
Tertiary Education: Includes both VET and higher education

Vocational Education And Training

Australia is globally known for offering the best practice in vocational and education training. You can find thousands of VET courses that assess one’s procurement of competencies and primarily focuses on providing skills relevant to a specific field of employment. 

Benefits of VET courses:

  • More hands-on experience than higher education
  • Lower entry requirements
  • Pathway to higher education
  • Develop skills relevant to your industry

Foundation Studies

Foundation studies are courses designed to help overseas students who may not initially fulfill the entry eligibility requirements to undergraduate join an Australian University or college. These are great options for someone who wishes to study at an Australian University since these programs normally only take 1 year. Also, since scores are calculated by internal assessments, students aren’t required to sit for public examinations.

Completing a foundation course allows international students to join a fully accredited specialist program of their choice in any Australian University or college.


Australian Qualification Framework

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AFQ) is Australia’s educational policy that covers regulated qualifications from the school-leaving certificate, and senior secondary certificate of education to higher education and vocational education and training. It is what distinguishes the Australian Education system from the rest of the world.

AFQ was first introduced in 1995 and unites each qualification from the education and training sector into one broad national qualifications framework.

This system is particularly beneficial to international students as it simplifies the extent of what each qualification represents all over Australia no matter which institution they choose to study in. It is also the reason why all institutions across the country are obliged to offer quality education for all available degrees.

CRICOS Registration

In Australia, education and training providers must be registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) to become eligible to teach international students.

International students are those holding a student visa issued by the Australian Government. Each education provider has a unique CRICOS code to identify the institution which you can use to get their details on through this website:


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