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We’re a Team of Specialist Educational Consultants & Migration Agents helping International Students Study & Migrate in Australia.

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Our Approach

KEV’s approach is pretty simple – understand the students, build a strong one-to-one relationship based on honesty and trust, and give full information as per individual requirements. We first analyze each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall background then, try to understand their vision of the future. Before making any suggestions, we analyze their qualifications and requirements clearly. This clarity in information helps us guide the students in the right direction. Next, we evaluate their needs regarding the preferred study destination, courses of study, and any educational institutions they have in mind. We also analyze their financial capabilities at this stage and take the next step only after analyzing all this information. Based on the information collected, the next step is to give clear, accurate, and specific information to the students. We make suggestions on the various study options that would suit them as per their requirements and qualifications. We ensure that the students can make wise decisions when it comes to making the right choice for abroad studies. At large, we are professionally committed to providing students with genuine and authentic information related to the field of abroad studies. Our team is highly trained to assist them in every stage.



We shall GROW everyday by challenging ourselves not others; ACCELERATE by competing with our own past performance not of others; and EXCEL by outperforming our own expectations and not of others.


To empower Australian education aspirants by providing authentic & genuine counseling, effective test preparation classes and reliable support services.


To become a synonym for study-Australia.


Integrity, Commitment & Trust


Grow, Accelerate, Excel.