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We’re a Team of Specialist Educational Consultants & Migration Agents helping International Students Study & Migrate in Australia.

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Our Background

Kangaroo Education Foundation (KEVS) was first established after a group of entrepreneurs recognized the opportunity to assist students with the increasing demand for visa and migration services. Started by providing counseling to the students, KEVS eventually started providing migration services to individuals facing difficulties with visa processing in Australia. For over 14 years, KEVS has always stuck with its core values and plans to bring them along with its future ventures.  KEVS has successfully served students in Sydney and Adelaide to enroll in some of the globally recognizable universities and schools. Every year, hundreds of students avail themselves of scholarship opportunities and get accepted to institutions of their choice via the KEVS. To help more students, we’re branching out to different parts of the world and planning on providing improved amenities to onshore students.